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Scope and objectives

The OpenGATE collaboration is willing to help clinical users setting-up GATE into the clinics for pencil beam scanning proton and light ion beam therapy.

The GATE-RTion project has 3 objectives:

  1. Providing a stable and long term GATE release, called GATE-RTion, having all necessary features for dosimetric applications in Light Ion Beam Therapy facilities equipped with the Pencil Beam Scanning delivery technique.
  2. Providing a collection of tools necessary for the clinical users to interface GATE with the clinical environment
  3. Developing guidelines for clinical users on how to implement GATE into the clinical routine using the provided tools

The GateRTion release of Gate is used as the dose engine in IDEAL, a clinical tool for independent dose calculation that is currently in development at EBG MedAustron GmbH in collaboration with ACMIT Gmbh (both in Wiener Neustadt, Austria) and the Medical University of Vienna. These R&D activities are funded within the scope of the Austrian COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies program and funded by the federal government (BMVIT and BMDW) and the governments of Lower Austria and Tyrol.


  • First release of GATE-RTion, validated for proton therapy: GATE-RTion 1.0.
  • Build and install instructions are the same as for Gate release 8.1.
  • The Open-ReGate platform (Open Resources for GATE Monte Carlo simulations) will be used to share and document all necessary Tools, including guidelines.
  • Validation tests for GATE-RTion are included in the GateContrib collection of examples and benchmarks.


  • In the GATE-RTion 1.0 release we have configured the CMakeLists.txt file in such a way that you can only build it with Geant4 version 10.03.p03; for comparison of validation results between different clinics it is important that we use the same physics.
  • We did not hard-code the physics builder. Please only use QBBC_EMZ or QGSP_BIC_EMZ with GateRTion.
  • We don't think the simulation results depend much on the ROOT version, but still it would be good if you could stick to a relatively recent version of ROOT 6.
  • After successful installation, please run the validation tests!
  • Ask questions and/or share your success stories on the gate-users mailing list.

Key contributions