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Examples & Tools


All examples with associated README files are available on GateContrib. Do not hesitate to provide new examples with their associated README files to the community.


The OpenGATE collaboration propose a diversity of tools to analyse your data, please visit the GateTools repository on GitHub to know more. 

Other tools


IDDRRA is a software that allows the user to design and model a DNA molecule, irradiate it with various types of radiation included in the Geant4 physics models, and then analyze the simulation outcome in terms of SSBs, DSBs, CDSs and energy deposition.

It can be downloaded here:

Pediatric Phantom

This is a 3D, voxelized, whole-body model of a 5 years old boy and includes 23 discrete organs/regions of interest. It can be used for both imaging and dosimetry simulations. 

The phantom can be downloaded here.