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Michaël Beuve

Contact details

Institut de Physique des 2 Infinis de Lyon, France


Research topics

Michaël Beuve, professor at the University of Lyon 1, is presently heading the team PRISME (Physics Radiobiology Instrumentation Simulation Modeling Experimentation) at the IP2I Institute. He is working since 2001 on the interactions of ionizing radiations with biological systems of various scales and is author or co-author of about 100 publications covering the field of atomic and molecular collisions with ions, Monte-Carlo simulations of physical and chemical processes, nanodosimetry and microdosimetry, modeling of biological dose, biomechanics, computing graphic, and modeling of tumor control. He is collaborating for many years with biologists and medical doctors, in particular to produce biological data for modeling. Through various collaborations, he shows many interest for the Gate simulations, either as user for the development of irradiation facilities’ for radiobiology (RadioGraaff, Arronax), or, as developer to allow calculations of biological dose for clinical beam of hadrontherapy, in particular with the NanOx model.